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Motorcycle Transport Information – Motorcycle Shipping Guide

There is nothing more exciting than planning a nice road trip on your favorite motorcycle, but unfortunately, that is not always possible. There are times when you need to get your bike transported to either someone buying it from you or to a new house when you’re relocating to a new city. As much as you’d love to just ride it yourself, it is just not an option. Finding a way to get your motorcycle transported can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is important to work with trained experts who know how to quickly get your bike where it belongs.

Trained motorcycle transport and cross country moving services know everything about what they need to do to ensure your bike is safely moved from one location to another. They are able to pick up your bike on a transport truck and drive it to the destination faster than you’d believe. They know how to safely load and unload a bike, how to keep it protected during the trip and, of course, how to quickly drive the distance between the two locations. Most motorcycle transports are either flatbed trucks or trailers, or enclosed trucks. A transport service will likely have several options to choose from when contracting them to get your bike moved and it’s important to go over each option carefully so you are sure to get the exact level of service you want and need.

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The first option discussed will likely be what type of truck you want used. Many times you can save some money by having them use a motorcycle trailer or flatbed truck. For some people, however, their bikes are too valuable and they want the added security and protection of an enclosed truck. Enclosed trucks often cost a little bit more but they are able to keep any road hazards away from your bike. There is no need to worry about a flying stone or anything when using this type of truck so it may be worth the extra money. Most people, however, know that just pulling the motorcycle on a trailer or securing it on a flat bed truck is going to be very safe and efficient since it is certainly no more dangerous than riding your motorcycle down the road. It is an important decision, but for most people it is not too complex.

Another option you’ll need to choose when contracting a motorcycle transport service is whether you want other cars or bikes transported with yours or if you need to be the only customer involved. Allowing a transport service to fill a truck with other cars, bikes, ATVs or other vehicles is a great way to break up the cost between you and other customers. It can lead to significant savings, but the down side is it may take a little longer to get your motorcycle to the desired location. The transport truck will need to make additional stops along the way to pick up or drop off the vehicles of the other customers. This typically adds no more than a few days onto the total delivery time but for some people, a few days is far too long to wait.

Once you’ve made those two choices, you may be presented with some insurance options for your motorcycle transport. Most transport companies have basic insurance billed in with the normal delivery but may offer other options as well for a fee. They can insure anything from the speed of delivery to any additional damage to the bike that goes over the dollar amount included in the basic insurance plan. These additional plans are typically only for people with very high end or rare motorcycles but it is good to read through your options just so you have all the facts available.

Those are the three major decisions you’ll have to make for getting your motorcycle transport started but you’ll need to provide additional information to the transport company as well. One of the most important pieces of information they will need is, of course, the destination. The destination will help them determine the costs since it will be mainly based on distance. Providing an exact address is ideal but if you’re not entirely sure yet you can just provide a city so you can at least get an estimate. Letting them know what type of motorcycle you need transported is critical information as well because they will base their price on the size and weight of your bike. If you just have a smaller bike that needs to be transported it may not take as much room so they can lower the price a bit. Always be sure to mention any aftermarket add-ons to your bike that may alter its size or weight as well.

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If the motorcycle transport service is delivering the bike to a buyer, they should know this as well. They are typically not going to be able to handle any financial transactions for you but they can request the buyer sign for delivery if you let them know ahead of time. A good description of exactly what you need the transporter to do upon arrival at the destination is important, so there are no mis communications. It is difficult to get things organized after the transport vehicle is on the road, so make sure to get all the arrangements made well ahead of time if possible.

Whatever your reason for wanting to transport a motorcycle, it is important that you have all the information available as far in advance as possible. You’ll have several options to go over with the transport company so make sure to read them all and ask any questions you have before signing any contract. In addition to picking your options, you’ll want to provide the motorcycle transport service all the details about what you need done from beginning to end, so they are able to give you a good quote and make sure they are able to meet all your needs. Fill out our quote form today to get your motorcycle transport underway!

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